Coffee Profile – Diago Bermúdez, Lychee Castillo

Samuel Diago Bermúdez is undoubtedly the king of experimental coffee processing. His experiments on Finca El Paraiso have been an exciting part of some of the world’s best coffee roasteries’ coffee programs over the past few years.

This lychee anaerobic lot has been one of my favourite coffees to roast and present to people over the past few months, simply because it’s just so so outstanding. Juicy, almost fizzy, fruitiness with a super syrupy sweetness. It works just as beautifully for espresso as it does for filter and is always the belle of the ball on the cupping table.

We’re down to the last few kilos of this one now, so get it quickly before it’s all gone!!!

Thanks Diago, you’re the Don!