El Salvador, Ernesto Samayoa, Yellow Icatú Anaerobic Natural

  • €15,50
Roast: Omni
Weight: 300 g


Ernesto Samayoa & Family, Finca L'Étranger
Tecapa-Chinameca, El Salvador
Yellow Icatú
1050 - 1500 masl
Natural Anaerobic
Yellow Fruits, Shortbread, Lightly Herbal
Direct Trade


Ernesto Samayoa is the 4th Generation of his family, who have been farming their land in El Savador since 1913. He is the first generation to have picked up quality and start focussing on Speciality grade coffees. Not only that, with his Coffee Hope Project, Ernesto is helping other farmers to move into speciality coffee, increasing their coffee quality and, therefore, the price they are able to charge for it.

Yellow Icatú is a lab made hybrid of C. Canephora and Typica, created in Brazil in the '70's to be resistant to Roya, the leaf rust disease that has been a huge problem in Central and South America. It is called Yellow Icatú because of the bright yellow colour of the cherries, even when fully ripe. This is also reflected in the cup with lots of yellow fruits like star fruit, a shortbread sweetness and light herbal notes. Wonderful!

Thanks for the delicious coffees Ernesto!

We sell all our coffee as whole beans to preserve their freshness and to allow you to grind the coffee to suit your preferred brew method.

However, if you'd like to request that your beans are ground before we ship them to you, please add a comment on the checkout specifying the brew method that the beans should be ground for.

Brew methods:

  • Pourover
  • Filter Machine
  • Aeropress
  • Bialetti
  • Espresso Machine
  • French Press

How We Buy Our Coffees

At Café Blá we believe in being as transparent as possible about the way we source our coffee. 
Seeing as we're (right now) a pretty small operation, having direct trade partner is, in our opinion, not a sustainable buying practise. It doesn't help farmers to have direct partners who are only able to contract a couple of sacks per year. 
Instead we have built relationships with a few importers, whose trading philosophies we respect. A big part of what we look for in our green coffee partners is importers who are involved in social initiatives at source and are committed to making sure the farmers are getting fair prices for their beans. They are, after all, the most important people in the whole of the coffee supply chain.
This is one of the reasons for our motto of "no big statements, just really delicious coffee." Too often, small roasteries make big promises that they cannot uphold, saying that they always pay fair prices through direct trade relationships etc.
No form of coffee importation is perfect, we just have to try and navigate it in the ways we believe bring the most change.
Importers who we buy from and respect hugely:

Raw Material

Raw Material are a Community Interest Company based in the UK, meaning that 100% of profits are put to work to create economic freedom for those coffee producers who are most marginalised. Driven by social objectives, the guys at Raw Material are set on bringing real change to the people who matter most! All of our coffees from Rwanda, Burundi, Timor-Leste, Colombia and Mexico are bought through Raw Material because they don't just do great social work, they also have some of the most delicious coffees out there!!!


Trabocca are an import company based in Amsterdam, who have been working in Ethiopia for 20+ years. In that time, they have helped to rejuvenate a number of defunct washing stations, led social initiatives and built modern schools, community centres and amenities to improve living conditions for coffee growing communities. They then used this experience to branch out to other origins, including Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Kenya and Indonesia. We love the amount of information that's available at every stage of the supply chain from Trabocca and the brilliant resources that they have available to roasters too. All of our Ethiopian and some of our Kenyan coffees are bought through Trabocca.

Planting Costa Rica

Nico from Planting Costa Rica actually used to be a barista at Café Blá! Now he's importing amazing coffees from his native Costa Rica. Through his successful 2017 crowdfunding campaign, he was able to start addressing the socio-economic gap, helping small producers wanting to move into speciality growing and processing practises modernise and improve quality. We have been following the progress from the beginning, buying lots from El Bueyerito every year. The progress made in terms of quality has been amazing! Now with a wide and exciting range of partner farms, we are really excited to continue buying our Costa Rican lots from Nico. In March '23 I was lucky enough to be able to go to Costa Rica with Nico and Fatima and meet all of the producers we have been buying from and more! Costa Rica is a wonderful and green country, with a lot of positive green initiatives and government agencies helping keep the coffee trade fair for those who are most important, namely the farmers. 


Café Blá is owned by Jacob Henry-Foord and Alexander Vits. Jacob is head roaster for Vits der Kaffee, Alex's roastery and café. 

When Stephanie made the decision to sell Café Blá, for whom we have been roasting the coffee since its opening in 2016, I (Jacob) approached Alex with the idea of taking on the café as a joint venture, specifically with the idea of moving the Vits third wave coffee selection over to the Blá brand, thus creating a new sub-brand from Vits. 

So as not to confuse the loyal Vits customers, we decided to add the tagline "Powered by Vits.coffee," seeing as the coffees are roasted in the Vits roastery by the Vits head-roaster, who also just happens to be co-owner and CEO of Café Blá.

Confused? We hope not! 

Put in short: Café Blá coffee is sourced and roasted by Jacob in the Vits roastery.