Coffee Profile - Agro Helena, Natural Caturra

When I tried the Agro Helena for the first time, I immediately called our good friend Nico from Planting Costa Rica to tell him he was a weird young man with a lot of weird coffees, and that I LOVED it, and him. He has been doing fantastic work over the past few years, sourcing some really interesting and beautiful coffees with his Planting Costa Rica project.

Here are some words that he has written about our newest release. Which is, in my opinion, one of the nicest coffees I have had the pleasure to roast in my entire time as coffee roaster!!

The micro-mill Agro-Helena is a young project established by don William Mora Moreno in 2015 and today is mainly run by his daughter Helena Mora. Their 45-hectare farm is situated in the Tarrazú, Costa Rica region at around 1700 meters above sea level.

Helena Mora and her family are very conscious about nature. They even keep 50% of their farm intact to maintain balance with nature and not disturb the micro-climate on their fields. On addition, they decided only to focus on natural and anaerobic processing because these methods generate less-to-no residual waters which could potentially harm the environment if not correctly handled. Furthermore, all the coffee husk produced during the processing of the coffee is composted and given back to the soils.

As a third generation of a coffee producers on the soil-rich lands of Tarrazú, Costa Rica, she counts with over a hundred years of knowledge on coffee. Due to this and their incredible consciousness about nature we are certain that the exotic and delicious coffees proceed by this family is the result of passion and hard work, reasons why Planting Costa Rica is very proud to be present this amazing coffee to you!