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We are currently looking for:

  • Kitchen staff: Working student or Mini-Job, 1-2 days per week (approx. 14 hours).
    The benefits of working at Blá:
      • You'll work in an international team.
      • You'll have responsibility and can make decisions.
      • You can structure your work environment to suit yourself.
      • The shift schedule is flexible and is determined on a monthly basis.
      • Your employment contract is permanent and all working hours are paid.

      Your profile

      • You're a quick learner.
      • You work in a clean and structured way, happily on your own.
      • You take the initiative and react confidently in any situation.
      • You have a positive attitude and are communicative.
      • You can handle stress.
      • You are available during the week as well as on weekends.
      • You have experience in the hospitality industry.
      • Bonus: You have attended the “Belehrung nach dem Infektionsschutzgesetz” ( Instruction according to the Infection Protection Act").

      How to apply

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