From Jacob

Hi, I’m Jacob, and welcome to Café Blá, our friendly little corner of Munich. It’s a café that has always had delicious coffee at its heart, now we’re starting a new chapter as a speciality coffee brand too. I was already roasting the coffee for Café Blá when the founder, Stephanie Bjarnason, told me she wanted to sell the shop last year. I immediately said I would love to carry on the wonderful work she started. I then went to my boss at Vits der Kaffee and asked if he wanted to be my business partner on the project. Thankfully, he said yes and agreed with my idea to move all the light roasted coffees we were roasting for Vits over to the Blá brand.

Coffee excites me. The aim of Café Blá is to share this excitement and enthusiasm! Carefully sourced, individual and, most importantly, delicious coffees roasted with love and care. Simple. Many hands touch the coffee before I roast it. I want to showcase the coffees and the people behind them, highlighting the unique flavours of the different coffee growing regions, varietals and processing methods to do justice to their hard work producing the beans.