Coffee Profile - Rogaciano Lopez Jacinto, Washed, Oaxaca Mexico

This is the second coffee that we have had from Raw Material from the Union San Pedro association. This time, however, there is one notable difference, which is that it comes from a single producer, as opposed to being a blend of cherries from a number of the ca. 180 producers that are members there. 

The majority of the coffee growing families have only 1-4 hectares of land, with an average yield of 100kg of coffee cherries per hectare each year. For context, the average yield per hectare in Colombia is 2,400kg. The reason for such low yield in Mexico is due to roughly 10 years of struggles with leaf rust disease and the lack of agricultural infrastructure to deal with it.

Because of this, Raw Material have set out to create long standing relationships with their various producers in Oaxaca and Chiapas, with a goal to consistently increase the profits earned for cherry to 7 to 10 times the average market price paid by local intermediaries, also helping with pre-financing to help farmers achieve a more successful harvest.

Rogaciano Lopez Jacinto is a producer in Mavarisco, south of Oaxaca. Like the majority of producers in the area, the varietals he grows are Mundo Novo and Pluma Hidalgo. The lot that we are currently roasting is a shining example of these varietals. We find sweet mandarine oranges, buttery shortbread and pecan nuts in the cup. It has a clean, juicy acidity that is well balanced. A perfect breakfast coffee for sure!!!

As always, we are hugely thankful of the coffee producers and also Raw Material for all of the work they do to help them. 

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