Which Roast Do I Need?

To keep it easy, we only have 2 roasts available. They Are:


Espresso - The only coffee that we currently only suggest using for all espresso and espresso style coffee makers (bialetti, moka pot etc) is our house blend "Lilien Blænd." That's not to say we won't have more in the future. For filter drinkers who prefer their coffee to taste a little more classic, we would also recommend espresso roasts.

Omni - Since the last quarter of last year we moved all of our single origin coffees to "Omni-Roast." That is to say, one profile that we feel works perfectly for both filter and espresso. The roast profile is the same as our previous filter roast profile. We just decided to try the filter roasts in our espresso machine in the cafe and found them to be perfectly playful, fruity and fun!